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لم ولن ننسي

اللهم ارحم شهداءنا٬ اللهم اجعلهم بجوار رحمتك

Childhood Internet Memories

Do you remember old chat client when you use to stay all night to chat and connect with people.

ICQ is one of the oldest chat programs but it wasn’t popular in Kuwait back in the old days. I used to chat with friends in the states since many people use it over there.

mIRC now thats i was raised with it LOL! i used to stay alot on it managing channels that im OP in it, yeah do you remember Auto Op and Super Op hehe. i wonder if people still stays up all night waiting for a nick to fall down and try to register it before others and do Nukes on channels LOL!.

MSN Messenger is the private place, i think people are still using it. Most of the people who used mIRC used MSN at the same time.

Twitter’s Mercenaries

We are on the verge of the hardest elections in Kuwait history and Feb. 2nd is the day where we change the future of Kuwait.

With all elections mania sometimes we express our though and prospect on the upcoming PM, so we use the most used social networking tool these day Twitter. But what i discovered that when you criticize any situation or an action, you find yourself in a fire line! people reply you and started talking trash, people you dont even follow or they follow you.

People wont even listen to you or start a civilized discussion with anyone, they just start talking and repeating the same things, its a dead end discussion.

Israeli Currency Shekel

Got my hand on israeli shekel.

Thanx Ahmed

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Survey Help

Basim a MBA student need your help to fill this survey.

Link: Survey

First Day After Vacation

Back to work and im still up since yesterday 5 pm, its my 1st in long time that i stayed up that long. My plan now to stay up as long as i can maybe till 7-8 pm and head to bed.

Old Eid vs. New Eid

Small comparison between my old Eid days and Today Eid days.


  • Old: People used to give me money and my friends and family ask me how much i got.
  • Today: I give people (Kids ask me to give them!) and my family ask me how much i spent.
Daily Activities:
  • Old: Wake up early morning and visit everyone, then masra7eya or dine outside.
  • Today: wake up in the afternoon visit couple of houses and dewaniya in the evening.
  • Old: It was breezy and cold weather.
  • Today: Hot, Hot and Hot.
I Miss The Old Days!

Efta7 Ya Semsim From Zain

Thank you Zain for the amazing gift, it brought old childhood memories. No3man and Malsoon HaHa love them.

No3man (1GB) USB Drive

Im Blogger But Im Not Official

We are all not official bloggers ! Thats right, because there isnt any official organization or socity in Kuwait. Blogging is a way of life no need for anyone to official it.

What does the OFFICIAL part bring to my blog ? Nothing ( Nada, niente, rien ), it doesnt bring any more readers. Its your writing and your way on how to express your passion in your blog, thats what attract people.

We dont need an identification card to say im an official blogger, that wont give me the privilege to be an VIP blogger in the events or restaurants or any place else, its how good blogger you are which matter more.

The question is Whats an Official Blog ? and Who Official it ? Whats your standards ? Questions still couldnt find answer for them.


I Want This ….

Coffee/Espresso Combination Machines, what i heard Krups suppose to be one of the top coffee machines companies.

Any other recommendations ?

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