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Google Voice in 10 Mins

Pressy At Kickstarter

Microsoft Acquire Nokia! (Due Early 2014)

microsoft_and_nokia_partnerOut of no where, the giant tech company Microsoft announced the acquisition of the finnish mobile company Nokia!

Microsoft CEO (Soon to leave) Steve Ballmer announced the deal and pulled the final act before leaving the CEO position within a year. The deal will cost Microsoft 7.2$ Billion! which is extremely good price comparing to the other deals they made when they bought Skype for 8.5$ Billion! and Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility for 12.5$ Billion.

Link: Reuters

Google Announced “Google Helpouts”



Google has it all!

Now its official, i posted while back about this new service that Google will introduce to the public [Here].

The service based on connecting people to help each other with a Google Hangout video call. The basic idea is to build up a network of experts on different topics cooking, exercise and mechanical help that are willing to help others who have a need for that specific knowledge, and link them together for either free or paid help.

experts can offer their services for a self-defined fee, of which Google takes a 20 percent cut to cover Google Wallet transaction and hosting fees. Google is however offering a 100 percent money-back guarantee to the person receiving the help if they aren’t satisfied.

Source: AndriodCentral

Google “Helpout”, Professional Services Through Hangouts


This photo leaked of Google new service called Google Helpout, basically the new service uses Hangout as the main way to help people in specific subjects like tutoring classes in math or english or language lessons for a small amount of money per time.

Still no official release date of this service.

Google Chromecast, Nexus Q Alternative


Google announced Chromecast along with Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7, the chromecast is the easy way to cast your mobile content on your living room TV.

The 35$ device will be the alternative for the Nexus Q which Google announced in Google I/O 2012. So far Chromecast support Google Music Play, Youtube and Netflix.

Chromecast available on Play Store and Amazon.

New Nexus 7 LTE Support Kuwait



Google announced the new Nexus 7 tablet with the support of multi LTE frequency bands. The new Nexus support all US mobiles companies AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Here is the LTE frequency bands that is supported by Nexus 7 (Kuwait uses 1800 MHz which is available at Verizon):


Take a virtual tour of the NBK Azimut Yacht




Watch USA TV Channels Live



Here is the way to watch US tv channels on your MAC or PC:

1- Download XBMC for Mac [HERE] or PC [HERE].

2- Configure XBMC Hub to install addons for XBMC by Download and Extract this file [HERE]

3- Launch the “” application, confirming that you want to Open the downloaded application, if prompted.



You will be promoted with this app.

4- For Apple users press “Configure this Mac” and wait until installation finish. (this should take about 10 – 15 mins)



5- After installation finished you will be promoted with this green check.

Now your XBMC is ready and you can watch US channels.

Open XBMC and go to Addons under Videos and you wil find Mash Up addon.

Choose Mash up addon then Live and watch all the channels :) Enjoy.

HTC vs. Samsung Twitter Fight!



Its all started when HTC won the “Hottest phone of 2013” award and posted a picture on twitter with a mention to Samsung!

Later, Samsung replied to HTC tweet with:



It seems HTC didnt stop there and replied with:



The fun part comes now when LG came along with a tweet mentioning both companies and pointing to Google Nexus4, hahah!


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