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New TV Show: Terra Nova

Terra Nova means a New Land or New Planet. The new TV show will air on September 26, 2011 on Fox. Its a mix between Jurassic Park and LOST.

TV Show Plot:

Centers on the Shannons, an ordinary family from 2149 when the planet is dying who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization.



Gabriel Iglesias TV Show

The stand up comedian Gabriel Iglesias new show “Stand-Up Revolution” on Comedy Central will premieres Thurs October 6th.


The Twilight Zone

I remember watching this TV show for the 1st time in Miami couple a years ago. It was the 1st black & white TV Show that got me interested because each episode has its unique idea and well made plus it has a catchy intro song!

Couple of months ago i ordered the complete definitive collection, it was a 28-DVD set contains a 156 episode. Im planing to make a Twilight Zone marathon after ramadan and finish the whole box off!

What is the Twilight Zone ?

The Twilight Zone is an American televisionanthology series created by Rod Serling. Each episode (156 in the original series) is a mixture of self-contained drama, psychological thriller, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, or horror, often concluding with a macabre orunexpected twist. A popular and critical success, it introduced many Americans to serious science fiction and abstract ideas through television and also through a wide variety of  Twilight Zone literature.

Source: Wikipedia


MBC Shahid On-Demand

Now you can watch all your MBC ramadan TV shows on-demand and free on MBC Shahid.

All you have to do is register and watch all the TV shows even the old ones.

Link: Shahid

My Ramadan TV Shows

So far this is the 2 TV shows im going to watch in Ramadan this year both of them on MBC, because work timing kills any chance to watch any other show.

  • Al-Me9ageel: I saw the trailer and i just loved it.
  • Tash Ma Tash 18: Must watch in every ramadan.

Must Watch TV Shows

If you love drama with a sense of comedy, then you MUST watch Breaking Bad.

TV Shows Plot:

Informed he has terminal cancer, an underachieving chemistry genius turned high school chemistry teacher turns to using his expertise in chemistry to provide a legacy for his family… by producing the world’s highest quality crystal meth.

Some other TV shows returned back on the TV Guide and some will be back within the next couple of weeks.

Returned TV Shows:

  • White Collar ( Season 3).
  • Royal Pains (Season 3).
  • Top Gear (Season 17).
  • Weeds (Season 7).

Soon to return TV Shows:

  • Warehouse 13 (Season 3).
  • Haven (Season 2).
  • Entourage (Season 8).


Ashton Kutcher Joins Two and a Half Men

Warner Bros. Television and CBS confirmed Friday that Ashton Kutcher will replace Charlie Sheen on the top-rated comedy series Two and a Half Men.

The Hollywood Reporter published the first reports of the deal Thursday, which will mark Kutcher’s first return to network television since That ’70s Show. For his part, Kutcher tweeted, “what’s the square root of 6.25″ from his account on Thursday evening. The answer, of course, is two and a half.

Source: Mashable

Game of Thrones TV Show

New TV show on HBO called Game of Thrones, the 1st episode released yesterday.


The television series follows the multiple storylines of the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels closely, and author Martin has stated that the pilot script was very faithful to his work. Set in Westeros where “summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime,”Game of Thrones chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among noble families for control of the Iron Throne.

Link: HBO

Breakout Kings

Breakout Kings Plot:

From Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora, writers/producers of the hit series “Prison Break,” comes “Breakout Kings” a new action-packed ensemble drama following an unconventional partnership between the U.S. Marshals’ office and a group of convicts as they work to catch fugitives on the run. After 72 hours, the odds of finding an escaped prisoner drop to less than five percent. Knowing that there are few things more dangerous than a convict on the run, and tired of outdated methods of law enforcement, veteran U.S. Marshals Charlie Duchamp (Laz Alonso Avatar, Fast and the Furious 4: Fast & Furious) and Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi “The Wire,” “Entourage”) decide to reject protocol and take an unorthodox approach to their work: using former fugitives to catch current ones.


Clash of The Gods

Clash of the gods is a documentary by History Channel, which talks about ancient Greek gods and the real story about them.

The 10 parts series takes a close look on the life of the famous Greek gods:

  • Part 1 – (Zeus):

The story of Zeus and how he led the Olympians to defeat the Titans and gain control of the universe.

  • Part 2 – (Hercules):

Hercules, the strongest man in the world, murdered his family in a fit of rage. To atone for his sins, he is given 12 tasks to complete.

  • Part 3 – (Hades):

Hades is the lord of the underworld and the keeper of dead souls. This episode tells how Hades came to this position, why he was so feared, and what the Greeks thought awaited them after death.

  • Part 4 – (Minotaur):

The Minotaur was a flesh-eating, half-man, half-bull that lived in the labyrinth beneath the palace of Minos. Every 9 years, seven youths and seven maidens were chosen from Athens to be sacrificed to the Minotaur. Until a brave man named Theseus braved the labyrinth and killed the beast.

  • Part 5 – (Medusa):

Medusa was once a beautiful priestess of Athena until her vow of chastity was broken by Poseidon raping her. Refusing to punish Poseidon, Athena turns her wrath on Medusa. She was transformed into a monster so hideous, it would turn any person who saw her gaze into stone. But she eventually meets her end at the hands of Perseus.

  • Part 6 – (Odysseus: Curse of the Sea – Part 1):

Odysseus, king of Ithaca, leaves his wife and son to fight in the Trojan War. After destroying Troy, he attempts to sail home, but has to face many challenges. After defeating a cyclops on Sicily, the beast asks his father, Poseidon, to curse Odysseus.

  • Part 7  – (Odysseus: Warrior’s Revenge):

Odysseus continues his journey across the chaotic sea, confronting sorceresses, sea monsters, and even a journey into death itself to reach his wife before she is forced to marry another.

  • Part 8 – (Beowulf):

The Norse saga of Beowulf and his battles with Grendel and other monsters.

  • Part 9 – (Tolkien’s Monsters):

About J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and how real-life influenced it.

  • Part 10 – (Thor):

About the Norse god Thor.

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