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IGN: Xbox One Review and Score


IGN: PS4 Review and Score


Sony revealed PlayStation 4


Sony revealed today morning in E3, the new generation of the PS4 which will be available this holiday season.

The new PS4 will be 399$ price tag.

Some features that PS4 announced:

  • NO region lock.
  • Support used games.
  • NO online check.
  • 500GB Harddrive.
  • PS4 to require PS Plus membership for multiplayer play.

Basically, XBOX i love u but Sony won this battle. Now let see who wins the war.

XBOX Official Price Tag


Microsoft announce today in E3 the official price tag of their new gaming console XBOX One, The new XBOX will be around 500$. No more news if there will be more options on the device.

You can pre-order it now through:

XBOX One Box Art Confirmed


Microsoft Unveiled XBOX One aka “XBOX 720”


Microsoft introduced the new gaming console “XBOX One”, here is small brief on what we’re expecting form the new console.

XBOX One Hardware:


  • The device will have blu-ray.
  • HDMI in/out overlays for live TV.
  • Next generation wireless controller.
  • 8GB Ram, 500 HDD, 1080p and 4K tv support, 7.1 surround system and USB 3.0.

Software and Services:


  • XBOX One runs 3 operating system.
  • Not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 discs or Xbox Live Arcade, Gamerscore transfers.
  • Xbox Live to outfit Xbox One with 300,000 servers, game DVR and more.
  • Skype integration for Xbox One.
  • ‘Snap Mode’ lets you use two apps simultaneously.

Games and Content:


  • Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC will launch first on Xbox One.
  • Halo live-action TV series created by Steven Spielberg.
  • Forza Motorsport 5 coming to Xbox One at launch.
  • Xbox Studios will release 15 exclusive One titles in the first year, eight new franchises.

Next Generation of XBOX Unveiled Today

New Xbox

The new xbox will unveiled today (May 21) ahead of E3 convention, Microsoft promised new exclusive games and other new games will unveiled along with the xbox.

  • Next Generation of EA FIFA.
  • “Big” Battlefield 4.
  • Forzavista Motorsport.

You can watch it live through [Here]

GMT: 5pm

Kuwait: 8pm

Ingress Reality Game By Google

IGN Review:

The game has been in development within Google for many months by a small internal group known as Niantic Labs, headed up by John Hanke. Hanke is perhaps best known as the CEO of Keyhole Inc., a mapping & technology company Google acquired in 2004. After the acquisition, Keyhole’s flagship product was renamed Google Earth and Hanke would go on to lead the group that developed Google Maps, StreetView and more.

These portals exist in real world locations like libraries, museums and other “interesting public spaces,” defined automatically by Google’s extremely extensive database of locations.

Gameplay revolves around capturing and controlling these portals for your faction before the other side can get their hands on it. Capturing a portal is as simple as being nearby and hitting a button on your phone. But the catch is that you truly do need to be nearby. Ingress uses your phone’s GPS to know if you truly are at the art museum you claim to be at.

Source: IGN


Ouya Available For Pre-Order

Ouya 1st Android base game console is available for pre-order [Here]. The device cost 120$ and it will be available for shipping in April 2013.

E3 2012 Games Wrap-up

Here small list of the games announced in E3 2012:

Xbox 360 (Exclusively):

  • Gears of war: Judgment
  • Forza Motorsport: Horizon
  • Halo: 4
  • Fable: The journey

PS3 (Exclusively):

  • God of war: Ascension

Wii U (Exclusively):

  • New super mario bros. U
  • Wii U fit

Cross Platforms:

  • Call of Duty: Black ops 2
  • Dead Space 3
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Far Cry 3
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Tomb Raider


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