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Bill Gates Admit Ctrl+Alt+Dlt Was A Mistake

HTC vs. Samsung Twitter Fight!



Its all started when HTC won the “Hottest phone of 2013” award and posted a picture on twitter with a mention to Samsung!

Later, Samsung replied to HTC tweet with:



It seems HTC didnt stop there and replied with:



The fun part comes now when LG came along with a tweet mentioning both companies and pointing to Google Nexus4, hahah!


No3man After Retirement

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Annoying Advertisement

Really bad way to seduce Arabs millionaires 😛 Check the 2nd Ad about “Emad” LOL!


Link: Youtube

How Much Money Do You Need to Do Scrooge McDuck’s Money Swim?

Found this funny article,  i always wanted to do Uncle Scrooge swim 😛

Using an estimate on the height of coin piles and a bit of calculus and graphing, Billfold came up with the formula y=-x2-1x+5 (where x an y is one inch). According to them:

When the area under the curve is calculated (from x=-3 to x=5), it yields roughly 46 square inches. The assumption will be made here that one cubic inch is roughly one ounce of gold. To convert that into a dome shape the value is simply cubed, which becomes 97,366 ounces. Given that 1 ounce of gold is roughly $5.00, it can extrapolated that each large pile of gold in the vault is worth $486,830.

$486,830! But if you adjust for inflation as Scrooge McDuck was first drawn in 1947 that would mean 5.2 billion dollars in one pile. And if you guesstimate how many pile are in the room, the final tally comes out to 31.2 billion dollars. That kind of money means only the six richest people in the world could pull off this stunt. Guess we should start saving.

Source: Gizmodo

WTF! Weird Way to Travel

Can you see whats wrong here ?!

My friend is looking for a flight from London to Kuwait and look what i got !!!!

The Revolution Theory


The Origin of The F-Word

I found this info is very useful LOL!

The Origin of the F-Word:

F-word originated as the acronym of ‘Fornication Under Consent of the King,’ or ‘Fornication Under Command of the King’.


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