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IWB: FroyoNation

We’re back fresh and new, season 2 of the IWB segment start today with new interesting guest. She’s the one who redefine the word froyo to new meaning and based her blog on it.

Glad to have her as my guest and know who’s the person behind the screen.

Guess what her sister is a blogger too. Can you guess which one ? 😉

Lets see what she got to say about herself:

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IWB: Q8Rain

My guest today shined among the bloggers with her hard work to bring charity and blogging into whole new level. She initiate the (Give: Blogger to Community) campaign.

I’m happy to have her as my next guest.

Here what she had to say:

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IWB: Q8Blend

My guests today, i met them for the 1st time in Bloggers Union Gathering and i had to say im honored to know them. Meet Mohammed, Abdulaziz and MiMi and know the people behind the screen of the one of the popular blogs in my opinion.

Here what they had to say:

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IWB: Danderma

If you heard about her then you heard about her famous book “The Chronicles of Dathra, a Dowdy Girl from Kuwait“, Our guest today is famous from her published book and famous among the Kuwait Blogging Community from her Blog “Dnderma”. I’m glad to have her as my next guest in my segment IWB.

Here what she had to say about herself:

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IWB: Pink Girl Q8

IWB comes back again and today our guest is Pink Girl Q8, she started blogging because she want to discover new thing and now she got herself a position among the known blogs in Kuwait.

She got amazing and fun personality although i didnt had the chance to meet her in person in VIVA 2nd Social Media Event :)

Here what she had to say about herself:

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IWB: Omarker Blog

Our guest today is famous and celebrity, you all know him from the famous show “What’s On” on Al-Watan TV. Omar kindly accepted to be our guest today as a blogger and share stuff about his experience in blogging.

Well i cant express my thankful to Omar for this amazing interview and opportunity to know more about this famous celebrity :) he was very kind, generous and helpful.

Here is what Omar has to say to you:

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Interview With a Blogger (IWB)

Here is so far all the IWB i made with the bloggers and soon more interviews will be up for my readers to know more about other bloggers.

  1. IWB with ilSul6ana.
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  3. IWB with Frankom.
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  5. IWB with UpTill1.
  6. IWB with Teddy On The Go.
  7. IWB with Tidbit Du Jour.
  8. IWB with Eleventh St.
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  11. IWB with His & Hers Q8.
  12. IWB with BlushBerry.
  13. IWB with Buzberry.
  14. IWB with Jacqui Couchavenue.
  15. IWB with SOME contrast.
  16. IWB with Z District.
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  18. IWB with Moodypanties’s.
  19. IWB with Meenakon.
  20. IWB with Confashion From Kuwait.
  21. IWB with Banat Zayed.


IWB: Banat Zayed

Our guest in the new year 2011 is different and unique, i went all the way to UAE to interview. Im happy to have them and really glad to have the chance to interview them. Banat Zayed, is Emirati blog which is famous and popular among the Kuwaiti blogging community. They will speak about their experience in blogging and share stuff with you.

IWB: Confashion From Kuwait

Our guest today is famous in the female blogging society, they talk write breath on fashion. They take to the latest fashion shows and latest collection in the fashion industry. Proudly and happy to have them as my guest :)

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