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Our guest this week is one of the updated blogs in Kuwait, 4thringroad.com was the 1st blog in Kuwait who reviewed and got the new Blackberry Bold 9700 that what i mean by updated. Here was a part in Al-Watan TV interview but not in person but by a phone call they made with him on Air.

We are happy today to have them today, so here is the interview we made with them:

1- Why did you choose (4thringroad) as a name to your blog?

First off we would like to thank Q-Valley for choosing us to be a part of the IWB segment, Now to kick things off and answer your question regarding the name of our blog … well its fairly simple other than the 4th ring road being one of the major roads in Kuwait which connects many different people and places together, it is where all the writers hang out, our diwaniya is pleasantly situated on 4th ring road and its only fitting to pay homage to the place where we call our second home by naming our blog 4th ring road…

2- Tell me about yourself?

Now there seems to be a misconception floating around so we really can’t answer the question because the there is no one writer in the blog so we really cant tell you about ourselves its going to take more than one interview, rather it’s a collaborative effort of different people with different interests, 99.8% of the authors are hard working professionals in the day and bloggers in the evenings (that sounded quite weird like we’re some kind of super hero’s right?!) Anyway! What we’d like to say is that are writers rock! We like to think of ourselves as non-judgmental, Kuwait loving, eco-friendly, funaholics!

3- How long have you been blogging?

This is a tricky one… actually we started blogging since 2006 which may come as a surprise to many however we were doing our thing under a different name our old blog was named “4thring” (www.4thring.com) which was in business for around a year but due to some unexpected and unfortunate events we closed up shop.  After taking a year off we came back in ‘08 as 4th Ring Road (www.4thringroad.com) on October 15th 2008 the following was our first come back post which basically summarizes everything: “….many factors lead us to stop blogging such as our domain name being hijacked, getting wound up in the elections, the economic crisis in the country, and Barrack Obama running for president all played significant roles in the shut down of the previous blog and we would like to apologize for that… however we are here fresh, better than ever and here to stay … enjoy the ride friends..”

4- How many writers (Members) in your blog?

Oh my! We have many writers on our blog, and this is what really differentiates 4th ring road from other blogs we believe, mainly because each author has their own different style, interests, and views about how the world works.  Our veteran writers are O.K., AO, Abdulrahman, Abdulmohsen, “G”, and Salem …. But we also have on and off writers and even weekly writers like MS-Sport, Waleed, A.M.S., Saud, AFB, NYM, and Chef Zwaiz all add that little extra spice to the blog…..

5- What kind of category you see your blog in?

We’ll make this simple…. Our blog fits the “anything goes category”

6- How did you start blogging?

Hmmm…. We don’t really know… We guess maybe we thought we could add some fun, action, and more opinions on stuff to the Kuwaiti blogosphere scene which will eventually lead to a better world and achieve human harmony and balance to the universe that can also in turn help the reader achieve a Zen state of mind of serenity and tranquility …

7- What was the reaction of the people around you about your blog?

People around us dig our blog! don’t you?! But really we have been getting positive feedback which is always added incentive for us to carry on and do our thing….

8- What kind of marketing method you used for your blog (How’s did you prompted your blog)?

The best marketing method is to have good content which is interesting and fun, and exciting! And the success of your blog is directly related to the content of your blog….

9- Do you have any new ideas coming soon to your blog?

You better believe it!! But we are not giving you guys a hint!!! You just have to keep on following us because we have something wicked cooking in our 4th ring kitchen that will definitely blow your socks off!

10- What do you advise the guys/girls who just started blogging?

Be yourself, do it your way, and don’t take the blogging thing to seriously it’s a place for you to do whatever you want to do so enjoy it!

11- Any last words to your readers?

Big Up! To all our readers! They know they rock and they’re Bombastic! Q-Valley once again thank you for your interest in the crazy world of 4th ring road, and to all or readers, or 4thringer’s, the 4th ring nation! What ever you want to call yourselves a big thank you for all your support, generosity, and love….

Peace! And Enjoy the Ride….

4th Ring Staff

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