UFC Legend Royce Gracie in Kuwait

Abdulmohsen Al Babtain’s  Mixed Martial Arts SideKick Academy are proud to present  UFC legend Royce Gracie to celebrate the pending launch of the academy Gracie will be conducting a 3 day seminar on the aspects & fundementals of Gracie Jiu Jitsu . Learn from the man who started it all.

Location: Al-Arabi Sporting Club, Basketball Arena
Date: January 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2010

To reserve your place in the seminar or have any queries regarding the event contact the following :

Telephone: 94006344/66488858

Email: info@sidekickacademy.com

Sidekick Academy Brief:

Abdulmohsen Al-Babtain along with his students started the journey to compete for top honors in mixed martial arts. Al-Babtain established a name for himself as a certified Black Belt instructor in the United States, following in the footsteps of his instructors Rickson Gracie, Royce Gracie and John Chung to mention a few.

The academy prides itself in the quality individuals that make it up. A diversified mix of youth, experience and dedication drive the efforts to attaining the goal of reaching and challenging on a global scale in mixed martial arts.

The training program at the academy is divided into three main pillars:

  • Gracie Jiu Jitsu
  • Modern Tae Kwon Do/Kickboxing
  • General Sports Conditioning

A careful mix of the aforementioned training methods lays the foundation needed to produce athletically able individuals. Students are split according to rank and athletic ability, and with hard work student reap the rewards of their efforts and will make the jump to compete at a professional level.

The workouts are geared to maximize the student’s athletic conditioning, increase stamina and endurance, while building a solid stand-up and grappling foundation, and finally mixing both Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu together to give the student the full MMA experience. This proven method has produced some of the world’s top martial artists. But the academy’s goal is to build athletes that would be able to excel in any environment. Only then, a more focused training path would be beneficial.

Our staff of well-trained, professional instructors have extensive backgrounds in many different forms of martial arts and athletic disciplines. Not only are they extremely proficient, but they also have the unique ability to relay this knowledge to others. Our instructors motivate students to achieve their goals and propel them to heights they never dreamed possible. The goal of the academy is to produce athletes in the the first place, martial artists and leaders.

Link: Sidekick  Academy

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