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Our guest today is Eleventh-St, its one of my favorite blogs in Kuwait, What i really love about these girls that they love football and cars among with other amazing stuff like art, sports and music specially the old ones.

I got the chance to chat with one of them and i felt like im talking to one of my buddies, they are really cool.

Here is what they said about theirself:

T916 and I have wanted to start a blog long before we actually started blogging. The only thing that was holding us back was the fact that we could not figure out what to call ourselves. One beautiful Sunday in March, after sleeping in, we walk up in the mood for brunch around the area we live in. We decided to walk around, until we could figure out where to eat, when we finally decided on a place, and sat down, the topic of discussion turned to how much we should start blogging. Coming up with more ideas, but still no name, we looked up to find ourselves at the corner of 11th St, and that were we decided to name our blog Eleventh.St, because our inspiration came that fateful Sunday, sitting at a table having brunch at the corner of 11th St.

  • Tell me about yourself?

We are two Kuwaiti girls trying to enjoy life to the fullest. Boredom is our biggest fear, and we try to do anything we can to eliminate it from our lives! Eleventh.St is the football hooligan, in love with Man Utd for as long as she could remember. Growing up with four brothers, she was always the tomboy, playing as many sports as possible. T916 is the engine junkie – her love of all things with engines surprises many people out there. Her admiration for all that is car and motor is what makes her contribution distinct. Car shows and motor updates are T916’s focus and one day hopes to race professionally, but for now, she’ll keep her racing underground! Both of us try to always try new things, especially things that will give us an adrenaline rush! Eleventh.St recently moved back to Kuwait, while T916 is still studying in the States.

  • How long have you been blogging?

Almost a year. We started blogging in March 2009.

  • How many writers (Members) in your blog?

Two: Eleventh.St and T916

  • What kind of category you see your blog in?

We think our blog started mainly to discuss football and engines, but evolved to include our photography, art that inspires us, interesting news, and other random things we find online. There isn’t a specific category that we would place our blog under, except to say that whatever we write about is a reflection of some part of our personalities

  • How did you start blogging?

We both always had so much to discuss, but found that many of the people that surrounded us were not interested in the same topics that we were interested in. The best way to have our opinions heard, especially when it comes to football and engines, seemed to start a blog, in hope to have readers read what we have to say, and voice their opinions too!

  • What was the reaction of the people around you about your blog?

Most of the people around us that knew about our blog encouraged us, and provided feedback on how we could improve our blog. Their support is much appreciated. It was always very nice to hear from random people that did not know that we were behind Eleventh.St that they were enjoying our blog! It definitely pushed us to deliver even better posts for our readers.

  • What kind of marketing method you used for your blog (How’s did you prompted your blog)?

Our blog had a very quiet start. We started to comment on the blogs that we liked to read to, and ask for the opinions of more established bloggers. However, we noticed that many people assumed that we were guys. One night, I decided that we needed to write a disclaimer for people to know that we are not guys, but two girls that enjoyed “guy” things. That was when our blog caught the attention of many readers and bloggers, especially 4thringroad, who wrote a post about our blog. We thank them for being the first blog to support us!

  • Do you have any new ideas coming soon to your blog?

Each new year brings new surprises. Stay tuned!

  • What do you advise the guys/girls who just started blogging?

Write about the things that you love and inspire you. If you are passionate about what you are writing about, your readers will notice it too!

  • Any last words to your readers?

We hope that our readers are enjoying reading what we have to say! We are always open for suggestions! Always feel free to contact us at any time!

Link: Eleventh St

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