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Our guest today, started his blogging journey with special opening post “The Grand Opening” and i have to say i’m honored to be mention along with my other blogging friends. He gave me “المحاور” as a nickname and i loved it so much (Thank You OMS) and now you got the chance to be the other side in IWB not as a reader but as a guest.

Here is the interview:

Why did you choose (One More Second) as a name to your blog?

Every body need 1 more Second for some reason, when I started searching for a name to my blog I was in a condition called [ I need 1 more sec with you (……)  ] , that’s where it came from.

Tell me about yourself?

Someone who involved in computing things for many years playing with every things (programming, web designing, graphics designer2d&3d, movies editing, and many many things non-stop …. :) and taking a good experience from all my friends, they even call me pc devil or some time call me Google :) using my knowledge to help my them makes my happy and makes them happier even more (ma9la7jiah) :)

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for 1 month, started on 1/1/2010 but I regularly writer on many websites.

How many writers (Members) in your blog?

1 person looking for glory :)

What kind of category you see your blog in?

Tech, movies, food and some other stuff.

How did you start blogging?

On the last year I got addict on reading some blogs those I mention them on the first post I wrote it in my blog and I love what they did and sometimes everybody need to share his experience and his ideas with people for that I decide to start blogging.

What was the reaction of the people around you about your blog?

First my friends encourage me to start my own blog but at that time I was very busy with my own work graphic and Ad design so I postponed it for awhile.

After I got my share of free time, I started my own blog with my 1st post “The Grand Opening”, where I got very positive feedback on the blog design and my 1st post.

What kind of marketing method you used for your blog (How’s did you prompted your blog)?

I didn’t think about marketing my blog, I just want my readers to love my post and be a regular to my blog then I could think about promoting it.

Do you have any new ideas coming soon to your blog?

Yes but I can’t these days because I have big advertising work that I should finish it in this month and which take most of my time but after that I will start with the new ideas inshallah.

What do you advise the guys/girls who just started blogging?

Be Human and Write from the heart be helpful and useful and don’t just write about yourself, give your visitor reasons to come back.

Any last words to your readers?

big thanks to all Kuwait’s bloggers who support me in my first steps and special thanks to Qortuba who give the big support and who always ask about me.

Link: One More Sec

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