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I would like to thank my friend Yousef form SOME Contrast for the lovely interview. Most of you all know them for their light amazing posts, they were among the first blogs that i started reading.

I’m happy that i had the chance to interview them :)

  • Why did you choose (Some Contrast) as a name to your blog?

SomeContrast is what best describes our efforts & us as authors. Having contrasting personalities, like Mishary and I do, made us realize early on that our different ideas and opinions, collectively, may create a real diverse blog.

Knowing we’d end up with an eclectic mix of a blog, made us choose the name; SomeContrast.

  • Tell me about yourself?

We became very close friends since high school.

Mishary: is a petroleum engineer, married and interested in gadgets and gizmos of all sorts and shapes. He first developed his passion for gadgets when he got his first smart phone, the Nokia Communicator II. He got further into gadgets after buying SonyEricsson p880.

Yousef: I majored in finance and I’m currently working in the financial sector (I don’t belong there). I’m into photography and also like reading books but I don’t make enough time to read anymore. I currently spend most of my free time either with friends or on the Internet.

  • How long have you been blogging?

We launched SomeContrast in October of 2007; we’ve completed 2 years and half so far in the Kuwaiti blogosphere. Yousef had a private blog since late 2004.

  • How many writers (Members) in your blog?

We’re only 2 writers at SomeContrast, Yousef and Mishary. We did however host different guest bloggers on our blog, one of which is Yousef’s Mom.

  • What kind of category you see your blog in?

We talk about everything. We talk about what is hip and happening in Kuwait, we love talking about food and restaurants, maybe a little bit about gadgets and new gizmos stuff and some interesting pieces of news.. Everything really.

  • How did you start blogging?

One time while I was in the UAE, and as I was coming back from college, I called Mishary and popped the idea. I asked him to keep an open mind and not shoot the idea down without really thinking about it. I was surprised that he was as excited as I was about the idea. We had SomeContrast up and running that same night.

  • What was the reaction of the people around you about your blog?

Everyone was so supportive of the idea it was overwhelming. We were ecstatic to get a hundred hits per day and we aspired for a couple of hundreds per day. That’s history now and our reader’s bases have grown so much since then. Our families, friends and readers were always extremely nice and supportive. We’re, thanks be to God, very fortunate in that department.

  • What kind of marketing method you used for your blog (How’s did you prompted your blog)?

None actually, word of mouth did it all. I think trying to respect the readers intelligence and sensibilities, providing quality material as much as you can will do the trick.

We did however get our early breaks from Safat.Kuwaitblogs.com and Mark from 248am. They provided a good push and exposure.

  • Do you have any new ideas coming soon to your blog?

Always! Ideas pop right and left with every phone call and gathering. It’s exciting to be in such a great and creative environment like the Kuwaiti blogosphere. You can’t help but be inspired by the community.

  • What do you advise the guys/girls who just started blogging?

Don’t let anything bring you down, problems come and go but keep believing that you are here to stay.

Be yourselves coz people tend to connect with real people. Don’t forget to have some fun while you’re at it!

  • Any last words for your readers?

We have the best readers ever! Your endless love and support is something that keeps us going day in and day out. You guys rock!

Oh and thanks for reading this interview :)

We’d like to also thank the Q Valley team for this interview. Thanks for having us on your interesting ‘Interview with a blogger’ segment.

Link: SOME Contrast

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