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Our guest today i like to call him “Moto-Man” or like some people call him “Anime Guy”. His blog is my main destination if i want to know whats the new in Cars and bikes world, Gadget and many other stuff. I’m so happy and honored to be the 1st (Hope so) to interview him, so thank you Marzouq (zDistrict) for this opportunity.

Here is what he had to say about himself:

  • Why did you choose (zDistrict) as a name to your blog?

Some of my friends in the US called me Zouq so I went with it, and I tagged a lot of things with the letter Z when its associated with me. And District is the because of the different districts in Grand Theft Auto, and a name which is different so ZDistrict came together like that.

  • Tell me about yourself?

Nothing much to tell that I don’t haven’t already blurted out in the blog. I consider myself a techi with an insane love for Anime and Motorcycles. Working as much as possible and enjoying what free time I have left, I tend to try to do a lot of things at once which leaves me very little time to sit still.

  • How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging since 2005, and thanks to the help of Mark From 248am and Michelle from Ananyah.com they helped me out and jump started the parts which I wasn’t sure of.

  • How many writers (Members) in your blog?

Just myself, no one else.

  • What kind of category you see your blog in?

I really never thought to categorize myself, I just make sure that whatever I post is entertaining or helpful, and it relates to all that

  • How did you start blogging?

I was thinking about it for some time but previously I didn’t have too much free time until I started working. Then I had some free time and I wanted to express the need for a riding culture in Kuwait, at the time there was no real awareness online for riders and I just wanted to express my ideas and how riders felt. There is a very good riding culture in the US and UK, and that is where I learned to ride and I wanted to transfer that over here. Then came everything else that I was talking about.

  • What was the reaction of the people around you about your blog?

At first it was a bit of shock, I didn’t really hide my identity but I didn’t just email people telling them to check out my blog. I knew that I would make mistakes so I just wrote as time went by. A lot of people were surprised and then my whole family started reading it, including my extended family and they kept telling me they knew what I was eating and doing. I was laughing my head off seeing people’s reaction and I do this to entertain myself as much as to entertain people.

  • What kind of marketing method you used for your blog (How’s did you prompted your blog)?

Back then I was jump started by Mark@248am, Michelle@Ananyah, K@K.TheKuwaiti.com and Jacqui@CouchAvenue. Very good people who helped me out and then I figured my own way. What I like is that honestly bloggers always help each other out and in Kuwait it’s a very good community, always trying to find information and helping the next person along.

  • Do you have any new ideas coming soon to your blog?

Honestly I don’t think about it as much, I just write what comes along. I want to work on some more videos, with riding and water sports but my video editing skills are lacking. That is the only real thing I have been thinking about.

  • What do you advise the guys/girls who just started blogging?

Just start it and try it out, keep working at it. Blog for whatever purpose you want. I usually like checking out different blogs and when people stop blogging it’s a bit sad but people move on.

  • Any last words to your readers?

Can’t really think of anything! Lol! Get off your computers and Go Out!

Link: zDistrict

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8 Responses to “IWB: Z District”

  • Jacqui says:

    He’s one of my favorite blogs and closest friends I wish him all the best and to say that his blog is awesome is an understatement! 😀

    Wishing you all the best Zouk!


    Qortuba Reply:

    He’s one of the best blog and one of the 1st’s to read :)


  • Marzouq says:

    LOL! Not the best at all! Sometimes I jabber too much! lol

    Thanks Jacqui!

    Thank you! It was an honor to be interviewed by you! Your blog is fantastic and I do enjoy your work!


  • Jacqui says:

    Aw no problem dude 😛

    Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors 😛


  • Now I know why ZDistrict lol, I love that its a bit of everyt hing and in the end its attached closely to who he is! It is one of my favorite blogs & bloggers! period :] from where to begin?

    =very entertaining from post content to writing style
    =light posts, visual material keeps u away from boredom
    =straight to the point!
    =a huge variety of subjects
    =perfect balance between “personal & private”
    =friendly un-hostile posts

    It’s not an underestimate to say that he is one of the best bloggers around here, defiantly a unique addition to the Kuwaiti blog-o-sphere 😀 Even when a writer’s block hits me I go to his blog for a refreshing glimpse how light and fun blogging should be :}

    All the best :]


    Qortuba Reply:

    He’s amazing :)


  • NE says:

    Great blog and a great friend


  • Yousef says:

    I love this blog, it’s one of the oldest and most consistant blogs. Loved the interview!

    Another great interview Q Valley :)


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