Abu Dhabi Sport Channel Subscriptions

Just found on 4thringroad that Abu Dhabi Sport Channel released the prices for next season EPL. The new prices will be similler to Al-Jazeera Sport but with more options.

  • AD SPORTS HD decoder for only 999AED – 79KD
  • AD SPORTS smart card for only 370AED – 30KD
  • Online season pass for only 220AED – 17KD

Link: ADMC Sport

Source: 4thringroad

64 Responses to “Abu Dhabi Sport Channel Subscriptions”

  • Louay accad says:

    hi,i am using nilesat 101-102 from Lagos,Nigeria i have scanned all frequencies mentioned on this site and steel i cannot get the ADMC channels despite using the official ADMC HD humax receiver can anyone help please ?

    Mdstain Reply:

    You will need to adjust your Dish(lowering the dish a little). That means no more showtime, the frequency for showtime will drop while you get your ADMC sport channel
    Try it!

  • momen says:

    hi.does any one knowwhere i can get the card from abu dhabi sport in spain please.thank u

    graham johnson Reply:

    locomurcia Dale Cumming 671682579 http://www.locomurcia.com

    graham johnson Reply:

    P.S. the card and Humax reciever come as one no cards available on their own at the moment.

  • kaboom says:

    Hi, tried the number you gave but they say it is not in service. Do you know which stores are selling the receivers with the embedded cards? Thanks

  • Rolan says:

    on AD sports. When i click on tv guide it does not show the programmes available to watch, is there a way i can see whats going to be showing.

  • kaboom says:

    Hi, The telephone number fo Nasser Al-Husainan is not in service. Do you know which stores are selling the receiver with the embedded card? Thanks

  • Danny says:

    Hi, I am in Gambia, i have just received the humax decoder with the card but i can seem to find abu dhabi sports (ad sports channels) and i only have currently 316 channels on my nilesat at home.. what do i do to get signal?

  • Omar says:

    The decoders still haven’t arrived in Egypt.
    Well done Abu Dhabi, quality service..

    Bring back Showime.

  • Torres says:

    Is there any shop in Abu Dhabi that sells the card only?

    Qortuba Reply:

    I dont know coz i live in kuwait and till today no words on card only subscriptions

  • uk kev says:

    hi in the midlands area uk,have a 2.4 channel master pointing at 7w show sports last season was good but cant seem to pick up ad sports in hd gone threw all freq they say they are broad casting on but still no signal.any ideas? tried looking for atlantic bird 7.2 not showing on box elp please….spent to much time searching about to give up and sell the whole thing…

  • Awadh Shamlan says:

    thanks for the adverts
    but what about Yemen we too we want the Barclay premier league

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