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Well our guests today is little crazy, generally quite loud, vast interests ranging from photography, football, fashion, food, parties, driving, cars and now blogging it seems.. (Thats what they say about them-selfs :))

I on the other hand see them as one of the active blogs who enjoy everything from fashion to football, Food to Travel. They really enjoy their life :)

I’m happy to have both of them as my guest and to celebrate my blog 1st birthday :)

Here what they had to say:

Why did you choose (Moodypanties) as a name to your blog?

Well, it started with me, Wet Knickers & Moody Panties (my partner in crime) deciding we wanted to start a blog – partly because we were so bored at work & partly because we’re just cool like that! ;p but we could never come up with a name! I always used to call her moodypants, because she can be quite moody!!! ;p heheh just joking – she’s not so bad anymore ;p – and one day it hit us! That is the perfect name for our blog!! I remember her saying “people will think it’s my blog” but neither of us really cared about that! So ta daaaa!! That’s where the Moodypanties’ Blog started 😀

Tell me about yourself?

Me, ahhh this is the hardest question, I’m a little crazy, usually loud and hyper… unless i’ve been crazy bored at work and pretty much want to kill myself ;p at which time u will see my zombie face! All of my friends generally call me crazy! ;p so perhaps that’s a good word to go by ;p

Hmm, well am a music lover, art appreciator in all kinds, love my friends to the max, hate my job, very quiet with people i dont know well, love inside jokes, and best of all, having this blog with Knickers is one of the fun things i enjoy 😀

How long have you been blogging?

Our blog’s date of birth is 9th March 2010!!! So not very long at all – around 4 and a half months… or so ;p WOW! It feels like sooo much longer!! though we have been around other blogs for a longer time and felt that we should be part of this community 😉

How many writers (Members) in your blog?

There’s just the two of us, Moody Panties and Wet Knickers.

What kind of category you see your blog in?

Hmmmm, our blog is a bit of everything and a bit of nothing! Moodypanties does great movie reviews, but then both of us have our random rants and raves! We provide information about stuff… but then again… we don’t want to be restricted in what we do… so we don’t make a commitment to any one thing! Our blog is a bit of everything, on a very personal level!!!!!!!!!! Come and meet us!! (on our blog ;p)

How did you start blogging?

It basically originated at work, both of us were very unhappy with our jobs! And bored a lot of the time… and it just gave us a way to put our thoughts out there!!! There’s something about being able to put ur thoughts out there that makes u feel soo much better! And it’s the perfect way to kill time!!! As is this interview 😉

What was the reaction of the people around you about your blog?

To be honest, we didn’t share our blog much with those around us – very few of our friends know about it… but we have received soo much support from other blogs, more than we ever expected- and we really appreciate it!! We have made friends on the blog too.. and we notice when they’ve been missing a while etc, its really great… we’ve really received a lot of support and made a lot of fun friends

What kind of marketing method you used for your blog (How’s did you prompted your blog)?

Moodypanties is the Moodypanties’ Blog’s marketing guru! I just sit back and let her do her thing!! Which I assure u is pretty amazing *bows to moodypanties* I’m not sure she’ll tell u the secrets though 😉

There isn’t a marketing plan really (there is am just lying) but we like to appreciate other blogs like they appreciate ours! We are planning on upgrading our blog soon, only when the right time comes :)

Do you have any new ideas coming soon to your blog?

As Wet Knickers mentioned before, our blog is about personal and random posts, whatever we like and whatever comes to our mind we share with everyone, and people seems to like it! we dont have restrictions over anything! we recieved afew requests from our readers and we were more than happy to deliver. *Whispers* stay tuned, and we might blow your mind 😉

What do you advise the guys/girls who just started blogging?

To let their personalities shine through their blogs… I think it really helps

To be yourself, feel free to write whats on your mind (you dont know whose thinking the same) never steal, and most important, to give attention to your readers.

Any last words to your readers?

Thank u so so so much for ur support! Seriously!!! We love reading ur comments!!! And and and yayyy!! ;****

We cant thank our readers/followers enough! if i cant mention them one by one i wouldnt mind. we love you all, each one of you made our day somehow.

P.S. Responses in Purple are Wet Knickers, and Moodypanties in Orange.

Link: Moodypanties’s

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