Should I Accept a Settlement Offer from My Insurance?

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer from My Insurance?

Georgia law allows all settlement seekers to get compensation from insurers by negotiating with them for out-of-court settlements. Unfortunately, many insurance companies in Cumming and Forsyth County, GA, refuse to honor their obligation to pay valid claims unless they are forced to through litigation.

Therefore, think twice whenever an insurer offers you a settlement without a legal battle or a personal injury attorney’s involvement. Accepting a settlement without legal guidance often means that you could leave significant money on the table.

How do you respond to such a seemingly generous and tempting offer? Always discuss the matter with an experienced Forsyth County personal injury attorney.

What to Do When Presented with a Settlement Offer

Many people have little experience with insurance claims. You file a claim and likely expect the insurance company to do the right thing. However, insurance companies use inexperience with the process to underpay you. They make low offers hoping that you will unknowingly accept them. It’s easier to shortchange yourself in such situations by accepting a quick dollar, especially when you are facing a pile of bills and cannot work.

An insurer can pose as very sympathetic and understanding during your initial accident days, but you must realize they are not on your side. The adjuster’s job is to pay you as little as possible to make the claim go away.  That’s why you should always involve an attorney. A personal injury attorney has handled many similar cases and knows how insurance companies work. They are better positioned to tell you how much you should receive.

So, never accept the first offer without legal assistance because:

  • It might be too early to get a clear estimate of your actual and potential medical costs;
  • It could be too early to estimate your injuries’ future financial implications clearly;
  • You might significantly underestimate the value of your intangible losses, including pain and suffering;
  • You might not know what evidence to gather and present to negotiate a higher amount with the insurer;
  • The insurer might imply that the first offer will be your best option.

Once you accept a settlement offer, you also sign a release stating you cannot request more compensation from the insurer, even if you realize the settlement was far too low.

Right Way to Reject and Respond to a Low Insurance Settlement Offer

Hire a Cumming Personal Injury Attorney

So, the above tricky scenario brings us to one point—it is important to get legal help. All insurers fear personal injury attorneys because they are skilled and experienced negotiators. Thus, they often negotiate more money out of the insurer’s bank account.

Don’t be shocked that the same company that promised to pay you hassle-free might end up in court when you engage an attorney. Why? Because they might never agree to pay what you deserve. If your attorney negotiates an out-of-court settlement for you, that might be ideal. However, if negotiations fail to make you whole, prepare for a legal battle.

Now you know why you should never take an insurance firm’s initial settlement offer without involving your personal injury attorney in Cumming and Forsyth County, GA. Talk to us today by calling 770-887-1209. You can also contact us online to avoid leaving compensation on the table.