How To Do A Confidential Background Check
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How To Do A Confidential Background Check

There is any number of reasons why you may want to do a background check and stay entirely confidential. Maybe your child’s other parent is seeing a new partner and you just don’t trust them, or maybe you’re the one with a new lover and you want to make sure that they don’t have a dark, violent past. Performing a confidential background check is relatively easy, and there are a few methods you can use to do this.

Using Background Check Companies to Retain Anonymity.

While these companies do sometimes require your information such as your name, they never share this information outside of their website. Companies like SpyFly strive to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date information available from every public information database they have access to.

Because these companies have access to public records nationwide, they are able to run your search through every one of them to give you instant results. Typically their search results include things like driving records, arrest records, criminal records, felony records, and sometimes even phone records. This method is especially useful if you don’t know every county you need to check, or if you do but there are multiple counties and you don’t have the time to search through each.

The County Court and Sheriff’s Department Websites Approach.

This approach can take up a lot of time depending on what you need, and in some instances may be nearly impossible. If you know what county you’re looking in, most court and sheriff’s department websites have arrest records available to search through on their website. This won’t give you a background check, but it will allow you to find any court and arrest records available.

A few issues arise with this approach for many people. The first being that you need to know what county to check. Databases are typically kept on a county to county basis, so there’s no good way to batch search them on your own. This also means that if you have multiple counties you need to check, it can be very time consuming,

One of the biggest issues that people run into is the county’s available resources. This can affect greatly how their database is run. Counties that have higher populations, lots of resources, and are well-staffed are more likely to have well-maintained databases that are easily accessible to the public. While this is nice if you need to check in a larger county, if you need to check in a smaller county that isn’t as well funded or is short-staffed, they may not have an accurate database if they have one at all. Many smaller counties decide not to provide such a database to be easily accessible to the public simply because they don’t have the resources to have one.

Your Safety is Important.

There could be any number of reasons why you feel it may not be safe for the person you want to perform a background check on to know that you’re doing so, and it’s important to stay safe. Whether you’re checking in for someone in your life, or you’re concerned about someone else in your life it makes sense to want to play it as safe as possible. It’s hard to know what people are capable of, and doing a background check is a great way to ensure you get that information.

***SpyFly provides consumers affordable, immediate access to public record information. Federal laws prohibit businesses from using SpyFly’s service to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.***